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About Us

Our Story

Our wives have been friends for almost 30 years. We have celebrated so many of life’s milestones with one another and naturally, we have become family. We not only share the same family values, but a love for beer and a good time.

JV comes from two decades in the banking sector where he worked hard as a manager for a major bank. Jack proudly served the community for over a decade in law enforcement, as a first responder and within a specialized unit. Our most important roles to date though are that of husband and father.

Outside of these roles, we love to share a beer with each other at our local taphouses. However, we have always wanted a place to call our own. A place where we can sit, drink, laugh, listen to good music, and most importantly, spend time with the people most important to us. So here we are, Taplandia.

At Taplandia, everyone is welcome. We are thankful that through our cultures (Guam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam), we all grew up with a love and appreciation for diversity and celebrating with the community around us. We are excited to share this part of us with all of you!

Come in, have a seat, grab a drink, and listen to some feel good music. Don’t drink alone – Drink with us! Cheers!